Friday, June 20, 2014

A New Direction

     As a mother of a Special Needs daughter, I am including some new products, not only for  her, but for anyone who rely  on wheelchairs and  walkers. I recently made this bag for Grace. The staff loved it and asked if I would consider making special bags for the rest of the clients. I was delighted that they liked the bag and I immediately embarked on a quest for fabric. I love color, and Grace is attracted to bright fabrics. Her bag is definitely  colorful and attractive. Thus, my new product line.
     Bed jackets were common place when I was growing up. You cannot find them  in any store that I have gone to. I made the green jacket for Grace to wear if the air conditioning is a little to high for her. These jackets are made out of sweatshirts, so they are durable and comfortable. I decorated the front and bottom of the jacket with a fabric that  matches the sweatshirt. I used the same fabric for the  pockets and the flower . There are so many options with fabrics to make your jacket a "one of a kind" garment
   As a designer, I love matching unusual colors, with one bright pop. The deniem bag has some bling. Every gal loves bling, right?

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