Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to Work

Good Afternoon, I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. My husband and I spent the holiday taking it easy. We each have our projects, I have my crafts and Dick is taking an Italian speaking class at the senior center. He enjoys speaking the language, but since his family lives in Mass, he does not get a chance to "practice"
I decided to work on some projects for an upcoming Xmas Bazaar. This is an altered notebook I purchased from the dollar store. I used Le Creme paper, pearls and I utilized some old earrings on the corners. Love that old jewlery. For my flower, I made a chiffon ribbon flower, feathers, and a pearl button center. Oh, so pretty!!
A dear gentileman from my church gave me 3 large boxes of original Christmas cards and so many birthday, anniversary etc. cards from 1924 to 1985. I am working on updating them . What does not sell, I will send out this Christmas.
They are so beautiful!!!! Will be posting samples!!
PS No one came up with the answer on the tag. It is a "sweater guard" circa 1952.
I know, WHAT??? It was used when you put a
sweater over your shoulders and used it to keep it from falling off. Oh dear, my age is showing again!!!!

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