Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Final Clothes Pins

Good Afternoon! Here are the last the clothes pins for my bazzars. I loved working with them and now it is on to something else!!!!! I want to thank Lynne for all her help with her tutorial for watermarking my photos. Even an old dog can learn new tricks.
My big job now is getting things lined up to sell. My plan is to get last years projects sold and start working on new ones. I will be working on Altered Pages August challange. I was not sure that I ws going to like it. I am not a Steampunk kind of gal, so when Jean was saying wheels and sprockets, my "Oh no!" came to mind. But little ole me did not think of automobiles. That I can do. So Jean kindley sent me a collage of vintage photos of cars and lo and behold, I remember the models!! As a girl, I new every make and model of every car. Not so today.

So onto the drawing board and my new projects. Will post when I come up with a brilliant idea!!

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