Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where Bloggers Create #1

Hello Bloggers,

I have decided to enter the "Where Bloggers Create" blog party Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage is hosting the second annual party for all creative bloggers.
I was a bit nerveous as my area is usually a disaster area. I thought that the wonderful ladies that are among the blog world would understand that neatness is not always possible.
My studio is in my basement. My hubby built a separate room for me. It is my little oasis and I love it.

This is my main table. I cleaned it up before I took this picture. It is spacious and I have a TV to the right of this picture. The photo on the wall was purchased at my favorite thrift store for $2.00. How could I let this gem pass me by? I keep a computer on my desk in case I want to watch a You Tube video as a turorial.

This is the rack which is over my table. I bought some black clips from staples and some paper clips and made an area for all of my stickers, hand made flowers, etc. I did not want to pay a fortune for one of the "Clip it Ups.

Since blogger is being a pain, I will add some photos in the next post.

Hello Bloggers!
Today, I entered the Where Bloggers Create over at My Desert cottage. Karen Valentine is hosting the second annual "party" for all creative bloggers. I was very sceptical at first. My space is in my basement and it is usually a disaster area. I am including some pictures (I tided up a bit) I have a few more pics but blogger would not let me upload, so I will upload later
The first picture is the area where my main work table is located. Hubby put the long shelf up for my boxes of my flowers.

Under the shelf, I used some of the black clips from Staples and some paper clips, and used them to hang stickers, hand made flowers, pearl brads etc. off the bottom of the rack. Did not want to spend a fortune on Clip it Up.

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