Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marie Antionette Altered Clothes Pin

Good afternoon It has been a weird day today. I was working in my studio this morning, getting my christmas cards in envelopes and wrapped in plastic. I then had some lunch and worked on some chiffon flowers which I will upload when they are finished. We have been without a phone for a few days. Tech was supposed to come out yesterday. Charter called to tell us that the tech was on his way. They got a busy signal so they canceled. After jumping down their throat, we are waiting for them now. How do they think you are going to answer your phone when it is not working duh?????? Sometimes I think the world is upsidedown. Where is common sense?
I decided that I wanted a Marie clothes pin. For some reason, she has gotten under my skin. I painted the pin berry wine, attached a small lace around the edges. Then I added some lace in layers for her gown, roses, pearls and greenery. She is now sitting on my desk very proud to be here. Thanks for allowing me to rant!!!

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