Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ribbon Tutorial

Good morning ladies. Here is the tutorial for the ribbon technique. The length of ribbon you choose indicates the length of the "rucching". For demonstration, I have used a 12" length of ribbon. Thread a needle with a generous length of thread.

The next step: instead of just gathering stitches, use the diagonel stitches shown here. One to one side, going over to the other side. Makes the gathering even.

When you have the length you want, pull the stitches tightly and stitch together, leaving a tail at each end. You might have to "fuss" with the ribbon to make sure the right sides are facing up. When attaching to a card, I hot glue one end, arrange the middle and glue.

For the gold ribbon, I attached the ends and formed a flower.

For a video, go to Julie at The Jule Box and search for her video. She is an amazing, talented young lady. I have learned a lot from Julie. Check out her store while you are there!
Thanks for watching. Mabe on day, I will get enough courage to do videos on You Tube.

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