Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturdays Projects

Good afternoon friends. I am working on about 10 projects at a time. This picture is of my paint container holding my bottle cap earrings, key chains and necklaces. Trying to get all this together on as few displays is maddening. I also have a lot of "Kids" key rings that I want to bring, so that attaches on the other side. My dominos are going to be displayed on a Stampin Up Board that I will have to take along.
I am working on submitting 3 projects for a designer call that went out Tuesday. I am hoping that I will be accepted. That would be a great feather in my cap. I also got a great response from another company and I am awaiting to hear the criteria for their design team. They loved my designs.
I also started knitting scarves for Christmas.I hope to sell some and give some as gifts.
Keep me in your prayers for good news!!!!! Thanks

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